The Living Outdoors - Garden Decor

Whatever the weather, bring a little colour to your outdoor space or garden.

For for your outdoor space or garden we offer an ever-changing selection of seasonal plants. From tropicals and succulents to flowering and shade plants, because whatever the season, you want your space to look its best. First, spring shows off its beauty and promise with potted spring bulbs, cheerful primula, and jolly pansies. We’ll have them ready for the garden and your outdoor planters while perennial plants begin arriving in early April. Then, summer comes early at The Living Outdoors. Gorgeous hanging planters and mixed containers, with a wide range of tropical plants, flowering plants and potted annuals and containers. When autumn comes, our garden mums, mixed planters and assorted annuals fulfill this season of thanksgiving.  Finally, the elements of nature inspire our Winter arrangement designs, with a focus on fresh, natural elements. From bundles of fresh-cut greens and branches to custom outdoor arrangements, our selection is sure to provide winter interest until the first crocus appear.